L.A.S.S.O. | Severin Standhartinger – lies in a friendly world

25. Jänner 2023
Performance mit forest sirens und f o g o s i d a d

a child with a toy gnawing until the boundaries and borders dissolve alert alert alert microplastic in an ocean of spittle a lone cradle filled with feces stinking to high heavens but hey this world is not yet obsolete never absolute we want to be absolved from the sin of (not) wanting to be alone oh my god i wish to drown my voice with you dis-abused indifferent indefinite and non-definitive we lean into this lack a space is filled by absence a space is filled by absence a space is defined by absence a space is defined by boundaries so the-
re : bound matter progress a space is marked by absence a space is marked by boundaries an undercurrent of time rises to the surface as a biblical flood anthropocentric metric of seed and truth and the truth is a cliché we are alone in a friendly world filled with lies laugh loathe linger liminal ludic lack lean low lo and behold the thing as if it were a thing which it is not that is the thing

Fotos: Ruth Größwang


Die Serie L.A.S.S.O. zeigt Arbeiten Linzer Künstler*innen die aktuell ein Atelier im Salzamt nutzen. Local Artists Solo Show Observations

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