Philipp Boshart – Artist in Residence

The one-month residency at Salzamt Linz was an important experience for the artist. He was able to
focus on his research about architecture and urban development of the 30s and 40s, in which Linz
has a rich heritage. He could visit the city as well as the surrounding countryside without any
distractions or pressure from external expectations. He had the freedom to explore sites of
architectural and historical significance which helped him to gain a deeper understanding of the area
and its history.
During extensive hiking tours in and around Linz the artist was able to build up a stock of
photographs, in particular of landscapes, which he will continue processing in his future work. He
also took advantage of the large studio space provided by Salzamt and spent a significant amount of
time drawing, which is an important aspect of his artistic practice.
The organisation of Salzamt provided very good support throughout the artist’s stay, making sure he
had everything he needed and answering any questions he had. The artist found the community of
other local and international artists at the Salzamt to be incredibly supportive and welcoming, and
the opportunity to exchange ideas with them was invaluable. He also found that the unique setting
of the old Salzamt building and its central location in Linz provided a perfect backdrop for his
In general the artist felt that for him the one-month residency was a valuable and productive time
that will have a lasting impact on his artistic practice.

Fotos: Philipp Boshart