Studio Visit: Antje Seeger

Antje Seeger lives and works in Dresden and studied in Dresden and Leipzig. In her first years as an artist she concentrated on New Media (i.e. all media that came after photography). In the meantime, however, she is working with all types of media, digital and analog. Her art is conceptual and her subject is the question about the values of a society. How does desire develop, what happens in the public to make an artist suddenly popular? What is the relation between art and the art market?

Antje loves to travel. There is always a yearning for distance. She is fascinated by the thought that it is possible to go anywhere within a very short time. Antje wants to have her fingers at the pulse of time, not to miss any new development.

The Dresdner Elbtal, the area along the river Elbe in Dresden, was a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Unfortunately, Dresden decided to build a new bridge in the middle of this area. After that, the UNESCO deprived Dresden of this title. This was a great shock for Antje and her friends (as well as for many more people) and as a demonstration of their disapproval they started a cleaning campaign of the bridge, clad in white overalls.

Following photographs were taken in her studio.

Fotos: Viktor Köpruner