Presentation: Amin Aghaei

Amin Aghaei is an Iranian painter who presented his works at many international exhibitions and was awarded with a lot of prizes so far, among them events in Paris, New York, Brazil, China and Japan.

Amin is presently staying in the Salzamt as an artist in residence. Here he realised a work showing the portrait of a mid-aged man when the light is on. In complete darkness, however, the face will turn into a skull, composed of phosphorescent dots. The light view shows the situation of peace, and the skull represents war, by which his and the neighbouring countries were and are hit today and in the past.

This work he is presenting in our Project Space which is shaded by black blinds. Dr. Peter Leisch, the chief of the Department of Art and Cultural Promotion of our city, was invited to visit this presentation.

Pictures: Viktor Köpruner