L.A.S.S.O. | S()fia Braga – Felt Cursed, Might Delete Later

08. Februar 2023

Performance: Amir Bastan (Creative Robotics)
supported by qapture GmbH.

Felt Cursed, Might Delete Later explores the machine gaze to create speculative visions from the Novacene, a new era of collaboration between humans and non-humans towards earthly survival and deceleration of the forthcoming extinction of organic life as we know it.

New systems of post-scarcity based on enhancing human self-realisation, cybernetic ecologies, and many new possibilities are attainable, but at one condition: overcoming the anthropocentric vision, accepting the human condition as an evolutionary step towards a new world shaped for synthetic living forms.

Within her narrations Braga appropriates vibes originating from internet subcultures, exploring tropes and speculations such as cursed images, backrooms, and meme culture.

Fotos: Indiara Di Benedetto


Die Serie L.A.S.S.O. zeigt Arbeiten Linzer Künstler*innen die aktuell ein Atelier im Salzamt nutzen.
Local Artists Solo Show Observations


The series L.A.S.S.O. shows works by Linz based artists who are currently using a studio in the Salzamt.
Local Artists Solo Show Observations

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