Sol Namgung – Artist in Residence


My main material is oil colors on canvas or paper to translate the perceived world into colors and forms to create unseen images from the seen. And I draw with graphite or color pencil on paper to capture the view that I am seeing onsite.

I came to Linz with oil colors and empty canvas which would be filled with the forms and colors that I would perceive in Linz.
Lately I have worked on portraits that embody the features of person, place or object, which could be seen abstract but I would like to rather call it figurative painting. In figurative paintings, there are elements that depict the figures, landscapes, objects, stories, etc. which define them as they are. In my version of figurative painting, I pursue to depict everything only with adjectives, not with nouns, so that the picture could speak in thousands of different ways. The harmony of colors, forms and lines implies the way I look at the world. The series is called ’selected randomness’.
So here in Linz, I continued my works and let myself get inspired by the surrounding that I am in and by invisible elements like feelings and thoughts.

I walked often along the Donau and through the streets and saw the snow-covered riverside, mixed architecture, Christmas market, hills and water and people on the streets and from the cruise ships. There must be some specific things that linger on my eyes for long and they come out on my canvas in colors. I wanted to keep working on my current themes and to paint the scenes that I saw in Donau and Linz.
These paintings will be a significant part of my work of 2022.