Jonathan García Lana – Artist in Residence


I actually came to Linz to do a workshop in Tangible Music Lab (Tamlab), a Masters Degree part of the arts uni and located at Tabakfabrik. During the workshop I teached the students to build a tool I often build which is an electromagnetic device that resonates objects. After building this electronic circuit and some other handmade parts like coils, we implement it to another build that starts from a more personal idea and ends up being a hybrid or expanded instrument.
This is a research that I have been doing for a long time and during my stay at Salzamt + Tabakfabrik and with the collaboration of Enrique Tomás (teacher from the Tamlab) and some of the students I am trying to get deeper in the possibilities both at the theoretical and practical dimension. The new possibilities will be part of my future constructions which often work as multi instrumental robotic artifacts.

I´m very glad to be here, it’s refreshing to be abroad even during these complicated times. Salzamt is fantastic too and I’m very grateful to be working with other people and learn about their own perspective and this is in itself is a great experience.

Insta: @tunipanea
Youtube channel: tunipanea