Francine Lalonde – Artist in Residence

This year I came to the Atelierhaus Salzamt mainly to present an exhibition, the result of my research here in 2018.


Déplacements/ Displacements
Video installation, 11 min 4 sec


My video is composed of images taken on various perambulations throughout Linz (Austria) and Québec. The sequences show the physical displacements and imaginary drifts that have resulted from these walks. As a sculptor who I am also, I assemble fluid successions of still and moving images that often emerge from constructive processes, then install them within the two-dimensional space of an editing window.

I am obsessed with creating movement through the superimposition of still images. My goal is to condense different but simultaneous points of view that meld into each other to create an augmented moment of time that surrounds the landscape in slow motion. Because for me, to experiment a space is at the same time visual, kinesthetic and analytical.

This obtuse-angle installation I present here has two channels because I wanted to reconstruct a larger-than-life horizon to further spatialize the experience of vision in motion and how much time movement takes.

Close to a phenomenological conception of space, this process is fueled by the exploration of micro-territories and the unconscious, by the observation of wild and urban landscapes by a fascination for architecture and by writing.