Darko Aleksovski – Artist in Residence


During this residency, I’m continuing my work and expanding the project Places for Daydreaming – a series of works on paper and texts which I started last year. The series of works is a research into visualizing memories and how to recall, imagine or transcribe places which I have visited or lived in at some point in the past. The idea behind the works is to create an open visual narrative structure – following some stream-of-consciousness narrative devices – which would be loosely based on actual and imagined places, objects, situations, moments, relations and spaces. This time, in addition to working with memories, my focus includes visualizing places from my travel to and around Linz.


This project is a big departure for my practice and quite different from what I was doing a few years ago. Previously, I was much more interested in working around participatory practices and working with different digital media (graphic design, photography, video work) – just ways to circumvent drawing and painting, because they felt like anachronistic mediums at the time. In this project, working with drawing and painting feels appropriate since I am much more interested in revealing very personal thoughts through very intimate small-scale works.


Darko Aleksovski has a various oeuvre. What does he like about this diversity?

I don’t really like persistence and repetition in terms of mediums, so I often get easily bored with a specific medium which I have been using for a while. In this sense my work so far may seem diverse, however, some of my subjects and research interests are consistently reappearing. This diversity in my work is something that I love and cherish, because of the ways it teaches me to stay open for new ideas, to appreciate the failures, and to pay more attention to the process.

My current interests are focused on storytelling by visual means. I am becoming increasingly influenced by literature and film and how I can apply different narrative devices to work in my own practice. In this sense, I recently started focusing more on creative writing in terms of how words, phrases and stories relate to images – ways in which they can be intertwined or substitute one another.


Website: https://www.darkoaleksovski.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/darkoaleksovski/