Edurne Herrán – Artist in Residence / LINZ FMR 21

Edurne Herrán – Artist in Residence – at the Linz FMR Festival for art in digital contexts and public spaces about her current work for FMR…

This idea came up when I thought about a possible loss of all my digital files and asked myself: how do I measure the intangible?

I am recreating a desktop in three dimensions, taking the virtual (the intangible) to the physical plane (the tangible). Nothing we have created in the virtual world is trivial: the work tools have been copied and reproduced; after all, both are technologies that help us carry out everyday tasks. While some argue that technology has made our lives more complex, we can see how it has changed our world, un-cluttering our desks and simplifying our lives.

The main idea of the project is to explore the physicality of digital files and their arrangement in physical (public)space, in order to make the personal visible and see how it affects the space. Thinking about how to regroup them in space so that the audience can dive into them (not by clicking, but using their whole body to access the files). For this, I’m going to print files and pictures and create 3D pieces in order to regroup some of the personal files that I have inside my computer, as well as objects representing the applications, distributing them in the physical / public space.

During my stay in Salzamt the restrictions have been quite lax, which has allowed me to visit the city and all kinds of shops where I have found the objects and materials necessary to develop my artistic work.


How does this work go with her oeuvre…

My work has a direct connection to ordinary life with a focus on the communication and interrelation between individuals. It incorporates memories, experiences or messages taken as existence in perpetual motion. My fixations are intrinsic to what I do. Particular elements repeat themselves like an obsession: miscommunication, identity, the contradictions of personal barriers, the analog world versus the digital one, and the fears within our own psyche. I seek to reveal the tensions between the rules imposed by society that restrict our impulses.

New technologies and the internet catalyze and magnify emotional states, I use these new social systems and dynamics in communication to contextualize my ideas. The nature of my projects dictate the medium used to realize them. Photography, Embroidery, Sculpture, and Installation function together or independently in the context of sociological experiments.