12. Februar 19.00 Uhr

Ein neues Format verwandelt das Salzamt zum Youtube Kino.
Menschen aus der Kunst- und Kulturszene und ehemalige Artists in Residence ersetzen den Youtube Algorithmus und wählen jeweils einen Beitrag zum Videoprogramm.

Recommended for you –

While algorithms are good at processing data they are bad at thinking in abstract.
Approximately 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute and around 1 billion hours of YouTube are watched by users worldwide per day.YouTube’s algorithm tracks viewers’ perceived satisfaction to create an addictive, personalised stream of recommendations, or to put it simple, trying to match viewers with videos that they want to watch and make you spend as much time as possible on the platform (and therefore see as many ads as possible.)
Atelierhaus Salzamts new screening format “Recommended for you” takes this system of suggestions back into human hands.

The first edition of this new format pursues a rather playful approach. Similar to a game of Chinese whispers the programming process started with one video that was sent to the first of 10 program “curators”. Based on subjective associations, personal taste and YouTube expertise their task was to recommend a video to watch after the one they received. After one run the playlist for the first issue was ready.


Complete playlist of the screening:


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