Ce and Kina – Artists in Residence – Ars Electronica Festival 2019

Quimera Rosa presents „Trans*Plant“ – the process of a 3 years work at the Post City Bunker


The installation Trans*Plant combines plants and humans in different ways: the intravenous injection of chlorophyll in humans, Tatooing with chlorophyll, biomedical research, cryogenisation of liquids, the regeneration of soil and the access to medical plants like Artemisia, Sience fiction – the shut down of Internet and the World Wood Web. Past, presence and future will be mixed up.

Quimera Rosa works on topics like body and identity, transgender, feminism and also on the discourse of ecological traces and the Anthropocene.

Quimera Rosa – this is Ce and Kina – 11 years of collective work – investigation, experimentation, self experimentation – the production of knowledge and tools.

Collaboration and an open source work is a very important aspect of the work of Quimera Rosa. They work with art and they are using art. Ce and Kina always work in networks and in the boundaries of dualism like nature/culture, man/woman, homo-/herterosexuality. Relations and the transdisciplinary vision are important. Relations between humans, machines etcetera like Donna Haraway Cyborgs. For Quimera Rosa art connects different scientific disciplines.

Ars Electronica Festival / Human Limitations – Limited Humanity
Quimera Rosas question is how you can change the human Body