TAKING CARE Hexagram @ aecampus

We are proud that we were part of Ars Electronica Festival this year, co-hosting the Exhibition Taking Care : Hexagram @aecampus

Exhibition TAKING CARE : HEXAGRAM @aecampus
Ars Electronica Festival 2018: ERROR – the Art of Imperfection

Taking Care is an exhibition of twenty works from student members of Hexagram, an interdisciplinary research network for media arts, design, technology and digital culture based in Montreal (Quebec), Canada. The projects exhibited operate at the intersection of ethical-aesthetic concerns. Expressed through a range of forms and media including games, VR, performance, installation, biological art, textiles, sound, video and photography, these works all involve the use of contemporary technologies yet, their focus lies beyond the technological. As attention turns to the considerable uncertainty of our future, Taking Care thus examines what is at stake in the ideas and visions of the next generation.

Foto credit: vog.photo

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